We are primarily a L’ANZA Healing Hair Care Salon as well as a booth rental establishment. We are always in search of creative, talented, and motivated professionals that share our mission: to provide our clientele with superior service and product quality to ensure and maintain the natural integrity and health of hair, skin, nails, and the body as a whole, as naturally as possible.

Understanding the importance of consultation, discerning and assessing all facts to the personal individual needs of our clients is critical.
Equally important is a quest for knowledge and participation in continuing education and the willingness to share with the others.
We have established a great balance within our team that is felt and noticed by our clientele, which we strongly intend to maintain. We have created an atmosphere that is relaxed and low drama, yet we still have fun without compromising professionalism. We respect our craft, each other, and our clients!

If you meet or exceed these requirements, then you will be a valued asset for our team!

Please contact Kimberly Stumbaugh at (501) 525-9500 if you are interested.